Friday, December 15, 2006

More About This Blog

This blog was established to follow carefully and journal the steps and emotions that this individual is going through during the divorce process.

I am a 30 year old male who has recently separated from a woman I completely adored. I was prepared to devote my entire life and everything there was about me to making her happy. Unfortunately, I failed and failed miserably at that. Our marriage lasted a short 10 months.

After our separation about a month ago, I engaged in a high pressure effort to open communications between my estranged wife and myself in the hopes that if we talked, we could work things out or at the very least, we could settle these matters peacefully.

Since that time, I became increasingly agitated that despite there being an absence of any acts of domestic violence or threats, my wife has refused to open communications even declining to answer a simple text message or e-mail. This weekend was the breaking point when I voluntarily sent to her a check through a 3rd party person to assist her with making ends meet and for her use for Christmas. She refused even to acknowledge by text message with a "yes or no" answer that she had received the check.

Following that, I lost my cool and sent off a series of demands and an angry e-mail. I also made my estranged wife aware that I was putting together public information on her ex husband, Chad William Stelly's, shameful arrest for Computer Aided Solicitation of a minor and that I was posting it online.

In either case, this enraged her and she filed a petition for a protective order. It fails to allege any form of domestic violence or abuse except to state that I was mentally abusing her by sending e-mails and letters and text messages to her. I read back through all of the text messages and e-mails and they are completely void of any threats of harm or anything that would lead a person to believe I would commit an act of violence against her or her children.

I will post here regarding the progress of this divorce as well as my emotional condition as this divorce progresses. Since I'm pretty much an emotional wreck right now, this blog should serve as an interesting psychology project to the interested student.