Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas Step-Children

Merry Christmas!

I sit here this morning with tears rolling down my face because my Christmas will be incomplete without being able to tell the two of you that I love you and miss you and being able to wish you a Merry Christmas.

I hope you realize that this is not your fault and it is not anything that you have done wrong. I love both of you and your mom very much. Daddy Scott was hurting in many ways and sick and did not realize it until it was too late, until Mom (Tara Scott or Tara Lynn Scott or Tara Ray Scott or Tara Stelly or Tara Lynn Stelly or Tara Ray Stelly or Tara Ray or Tara Lynn Ray) decided it was too late.

I'm not being allowed to speak to you or even see photos of your birthdays or how you are doing or even if you are okay. You have gifts under our tree that sit here unopened because I can't get them to you. So I have to settle for this, putting a tribute to you over the web. I doubt you'll ever see this, but if some day you do, know that I love you and miss you. The things in life worth having are worth fighting for and I will never stop missing you or loving you or fighting to let you know that.

Please know that my boys miss you and love you as well.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas!


Some Guy said...

Thanks for the kind words BSumner...

I'm certainly not without fault in this breakup. I just wish the children and step-children didn't have to suffer as a result.

Anonymous said...

I hope 2007 hold better things for you and I hope you get to see your step children again.

Anonymous said...

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You are such a sweet sweet man... and she does not deserve you.