Sunday, December 31, 2006

Offbeat: Colorgenics

I don't normally do these sort of things, but this site has a color based test where you look at a series of cubes and then select the color that you feel most in harmony with. You then click the next color that you are most in harmony with and so on until you have selected all of the cubes. Once you are done, it provides you with a color profile.

So I tried it and the profile it generated was amazingly accurate. Try it for yourself here: The Amazing World of Colorgenics

Once you've taken the test, post back in the comments how it went for you. Was it accurate or not? Include a few excerpts from the results that most closely match you. I'll post at a later date what my results were.


Anonymous said...

I took the test. It was pretty accurate, that's scary. Thanks for sharing.

I am sorry to hear about all of the troubles you are going through.

Anthony said...

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Wow! It was dead on!