Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Weird Day

Today was sort of a weird day for me.

First off, I have to say that this blog has had another record day. So far today, we've had 87 different people come by. I'm absolutely thrilled that so many people are taking an interest in my story. If you didn't know, when you stop by, you can comment on any of the articles by clicking the "comments" link beneath the article. You can also read the comments that have been left by other people when you click on that link.

Today, one of the managers at work commented that I looked like I was losing weight. This was the first time that someone noticed and mentioned it. It really made me feel good to know that it was slowly becoming visible. I don't really see where I've yet lost enough pounds for people to tell but I'm glad none the less that someone has noticed. That just encourages me even that much more.

What really made today weird was that I got asked on a date. It caught me completely off guard. I'm the sort of guy that really likes a woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to ask for it so I'm really intrigued that I was asked. The truth is, I don't really feel like dating at this point. But I need the distraction from everything else. I haven't decided yet if I'll go out, but it felt very good to have someone else ask me out.

I accomplished several items on my list and called around for apartments again today and again I had no luck in finding anything that had openings. I'm pretty close to giving up and just renting the house I found in Krotz Springs. I'm sure I'll be accused of moving there just to harass my wife or spy on her, but that's Tara's problem if she wants to flatter herself in that way.


Nicholas Cardot said...

Great blog. I have enjoyed following your story over the past few days since I found it.

Anonymous said...

im sure there is other houses in the country near your work are in the surroundind areas instead of 40 miles from your work and family

Some Guy said...

Thanks for your interest.

Anonymous, the apartments in Lafayette are all filled up.

To date, I've found 2 houses available closer than Krotz Springs.

The first is double the rent I was paying a year ago before I moved in with my wife and in a high crime area of town. This is not an idea situation.

The second house is in a decent area but is 3 1/2 times the rent I was paying a year earlier. This simply isn't within my means.

I have a lead on another place that I'm following right now, but its rent will be $300/mo higher than the place in Krotz Springs and because of its location, even though the distance will be shorter, during traffic times, the commute would actually be longer.

It's looking more and more like Krotz Springs is where I'll end up. I am picking up the local Quick Quarter today (local classifieds) and will give it one last push to find a place closer.