Monday, January 1, 2007

New Year Resolutions 2007 - BIG!

This is the time of year when people create lists of New Year Resolutions. I suppose its obligatory that anyone who has a personal blog should post that list online. I've never been a big fan of New Year Resolutions. Usually these are just lists that people create so they can forget about them even faster than they created them.

I'm absolutely surprised as to how many people are visiting this site and following my story. Over the last few days, I've had over 50 unique people visit this blog each day. I could never have imagined that anyone would be so interested in my story and what I'm going through. I appreciate the comments and e-mails that you've been sending and encouraging me. To those of you going through similar things, I would encourage you to stay strong and not to lose hope.

Since I'm not a fan of New Year Resolutions, I debated not posting at all, but since you've taken the time to be interested in my life, I feel like I'd be letting you down if I didn't. Instead of New Year Resolutions, I'm going to call my list "New Year Dreams, Goals and Prayers." As many of you know, starting a week or two ago, I really refocused my life and started working towards my goals again. So I already have a head start. But I'll provide an abbreviated list here.

New Year Dreams, Goals and Prayers


  • To continue to seek God and to strengthen my walk with Him. In the last few weeks, I've really been learning to rely on Him and wait on His timing instead of trying to make things happen when I want them to. This has been a difficult lesson for me and I pray that He will continue to strengthen me in this area.

  • To be a better father to my children. Namely, I need to spend more time with them and more regularly.

  • To continue to improve myself overall. I've grown so much in the past month through counseling and coaching and through books, seminars and programs. But the more I grow, the more I realize I have a lot more to change about myself. I'm so encouraged that others are seeing these changes in me already without me even having to tell them. I pray that I continue down this path and that my testimony continues to grow.


  • To be more organized and more effective as a manager at my employer which I just returned to. I used to have teams that really spoke highly of me and appreciated me as a manager and as their boss. I pray that this will be increased even more in the upcoming year.

  • To refocus myself on my education. My Political Science, Pre-Law studies are half complete, but I still have a long ways to go. Additionally, I need to refocus myself on continuing to accumulate the credits necessary to qualify as a Certified Public Accountant once I finish my bachelors degree.

  • To launch a new business this year. I have some ideas that I believe will be successful. In fact given 2 to 3 years, I'm confident I can outdo my last highly successful business. I pray that I'll find a new name in a reasonable amount of time or that the hostilities between my wife and I will pass so that I can safely utilize the business I formed in 2006 just before we separated.

  • To continue learning Spanish and to be able to carry a conversation in Spanish by the end of the year. Last night (notice I didn't say yesterday night, that's an inside joke with my wife but I doubt she'll see this) I was around people speaking Spanish and I actually understood about 1/3rd of everything I heard. This surprised me and motivated me to continue my learning.


  • To continue losing weight and getting in shape. My goal is to reach 165 pounds. I have about 115 pounds to go which is an aggressive goal. It's time for me to go through a total body reformation for my health and appearance.


  • To enroll in and complete a motorcycle rider's course, to get my endorsement and to purchase a motorcycle for recreational riding.

  • To return to Pensacola Beach this year and to go para sailing again. I also want to take the helicopter ride while I am out there which will mark my first time in a helicopter.

  • To go for my first sky dive after I lose about 30 pounds. Then to continue jumping until I have accumulated enough jumps and training to go by myself. My goal is to accomplish this before the end of the year.

  • To participate regularly in local no limit texas hold'em poker games and at least 3 Louisiana Casino based tournaments.

  • To restart my private pilot training lessons and to complete my private pilot license this year.

  • To schedule a cruise to be taken in 2007 or 2008. I've been wanting to go on a cruise for a long time but have not had the chance to. I want to be sure to take a Caribbean Cruise with several ports/stops and I want go swimming with dolphins.

  • To enroll in and take Cajun Dancing lessons, something I've been wanting to do for some time.

  • To begin planning for an international trip for 2008. Some possible choice locations are Costa Rica, Italy, London or any other of a wide variety of places I would like to see. My goal would be to continue this and to take an additional international vacation every other year.


  • To not react at all to my wife since I keep hurting her every time I react to her rejection of me. I want to achieve peace in our separation and ultimately our divorce so that neither one of us has to endure any more pain than we already have.

  • I pray that I would regain my friend. I call this one a prayer because I know there is nothing I can do in my power to make this happen. I have acted in such a deplorable manner that she is justified in never wanting to talk to me again. I pray that God would release her from the bad memories and hurt and pain and that in His timing we would be able to share at least a basic friendship.

I have several other Dreams, Goals and Prayers that I will not publish here at this time. I know these things seem ambitious and probably a lot to accomplish, but for anyone who actually knows me, they know that once I resolve my mind to do something, the chances of me accomplishing it are actually quite high.

When my wife and I were dating, she used to tell me that I took on way too much. In my past, I've accomplished and done so much that when I tell the stories, many people didn't believe I could possibly be telling the truth, especially when I was younger (now that I'm older its not so hard to imagine that I could have had all of those experiences in life).

I'm expecting truly BIG things for 2007 and am glad that I've already started down the path a few weeks ago which proves to me that this is not a fleeting list of resolutions that will be forgotten before the end of the week.


Anita said...

WOW, great list! Good luck on the weight loss as well. Do you ever watch The Biggest Loser? We watch it every week and find it so inspiring ... sounds like you have the drive and perseverance to make a similarly amazing transformation happen.

Some Guy said...

Thanks for the comments Anita...

I don't watch biggest loser because I work during those times, but I have a DVR now so maybe I'll program it to record a few and give it a try.

I'm not struggling motivationally right now, but a little extra couldn't hurt.

I hope you reach your goals this year!!!


Nicholas Cardot said...

Great resolutions. Keep at it and I'm sure you'll be able to accomplish everything on the list! God bless you!

Anonymous said...

good resolutions. i hope you accomplish them all. i hope you get your friend back. your problems make mine seem so small.

hang in there.

Michael Y said...

You certainly have some great goals in mind. I pray that God rewards you in these pursuits. Thanks for your encouragement on my blog.

Bloghead said...

Hi there. Thanks for visiting my blog and posting your comment. Wow! I almost fall asleep reading your resolution. Hehe!

My main resolution for the year 2007 is mostly to be as lazy as possible by doing absolutely nothing. Well maybe just laze around. Heh heh. Cool eh?

Anyway good luck with your resolution and what the heck 3 time divorce? Your main resolution should be never to get married again ever!

But hey, you never know whats life going to be like eh in the future?

Happy New Year!

Swipe said...

Good luck to you on your goals and prayers!

Happy New Year!

and thanks for dropping by my blog.

Still Alive and Swiping

Steff said...

My goals were more "fluffy" stuff, but it's nice to see that people still make great commitments and set lofty goals for themselves. Best of luck in maintaining and achieving these goals for 2007!

Happy New Year!

LizzieJoy said...

GOOD LUCK with all of your goals this year!!

I also want to do the helicopter ride over Pensacola Beach!! Woo Hoo!! I hope we BOTH get that wish granted this year!!

Happy Flying!